Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet Gigi!

Yesterday mom had to meet auntie Laura, auntie Rachel and auntie Lara at Bloomington Vet (Pet Haven's partner cliic). The other night Gigi, a 10 year old pitbull was returned to Pet Haven. She was adopted out as a puppy and due to unforseen life circumstances her owner had to give her up. Mom reached out to her friends from another rescue, A Rotta Love - they work a lot with pitties and mom and auntie Laura wanted to make sure she passed the A Rotta Love 'eval' .... and oh, auntie Rachel and auntie Lara of A Rotta Love are soooooo cool and do great work!! It makes me happy when rescues work together!

Part of the eval is to see how Gigi does with another dog. Mom brought all 3 of us (Missy, Mister and yes ME!!). Guess who got to work last night ... yes, nung-nung did!!! Missy and Mister had to wait in the car and i'm not so sure they were too happy about that, but oh well :)

Auntie Rachel and auntie Lara said I did such a good job and was sending all the right signals and telling Gigi, 'i'm not a threat'.... well, don't get me wrong, i'm no pushover but i don't want to get into a fight with anyone :) Well, Gigi passed the eval with flying colors and is the sweetest 10 year old pittie. She sniffed me, I sniffed her and it wasn't long before I could tell she wanted to play but then I discovered that auntie Rachel had a big bag full of yummy treats, so I decided to bury my head in her bag and see what goodies  I could find!! Not only did  Gigi get lots of loving, but I also got lots of loving.

This is the first time mom has taken me on one of these evals ... I kinda like the job of doggie eval assistant. Hmmm ... maybe that can be my official Pet Haven volunteer title.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce you to sweet Gigi. She's going to move into a foster home soon and then will get to hang out for a little while and adjust before she's up for adoption. But if you're interested in learning more about this sweet girl (she's only 35 pounds!) email