Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stars .. the stars are calling

I went in for my 3 month cancer check up ... I gave mom a scare by eating LOTS of food (the all you can eat nung-nung buffet). She immediately took me to the vet and they got xrays done and it showed by very full belly with food and gas. They also saw an enlarged spleen which then led me to get an ultrasound the next day. But all is well .. I just have a big spleen ... yes, a big spleen for my big heart :)

Anyway, mom's been busy rescuing my friends up at Leech Lake Reservation with my auntie Jenny and lots of other cool volunteers. She decided it was time to turn Leech Lake Legacy into a non-profit/501(c)3 ... but she's always telling me that yes, it's about the animals and my friends but it's about so much more .. it's about people, it's about our relationships, how we connect, it's about community ... she's got big dreams of what Leech Lake Legacy will do with the help of the community. She's been reading of lot of books by Margaret Wheatley so I thought I'd share a Margaret Wheatley poem titled 'Stars' since Ahnung means star in ojibway and it talks so much about what she's trying to create through Leech Lake Legacy.


In places where air still offers clarity,
stars sing a siren song from space
in the bright night.

Lying on soft earth,
carried into sky by longing,
humans respond to stars
with questions. Why is the Universe
so vast? Why are we so small?

Call and response through the night.

My whole life I have sent
these questions into space. And
listened for response.

Then sky wakens and star song fades.
Humans forget mystery and get on with living.
But the stars, the stars
keep calling. No response.

Why is it that we call to 
stars with science and insignificance?

On the next bright night,
find the clear air and ask again.
Humans, ask again. Who are we?
What is our place in mystery?

Perhaps you will hear what I
have heard, a song of inner

For the stars
the stars are calling

saying we must
turn to one another
turn to one another and see
finally see
the stars everywhere.

~ Margaret Wheatley

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Surviving Cancer ....

But not so sure about surviving my baby brother Legacy's idea of dragging nung-nung around like a stuffed animal :)

Legacy wants my collar!!
"Mom!!! Help me!!!!"
Fine ... he can have my collar .. i didn't want it anyway!
"I let my brother think he's king"