Saturday, October 22, 2011

On WCCO Morning News!

With Matt Brickman of WCCO
oh .. the cute girl is Gigi, and she's up for adoption
through Pet Haven!
So mom made me get up really early this morning because we had to be down at the WCCO studio by 7:30. She told me I had to wear a cute outfit provided by Lulu & Luigi to help promote the Pet Haven Fall Benefit which is on Saturday, 10/29 (it's their big fundraiser to raise money so more of my friends can be helped!).

On the way into the studio this morning mom was a party pooper ... I took a dive into the bushes on the walkway in and yanked out a dead possum --- okay, it was just the skin of the possum!!! Mom yelled at me to 'drop it'. I looked at her, debated on whether i should listen ... she looked at me with 'those' eyes so I dropped the possum. Hmmm ... for being on TV I think I should get a prize but mom didn't think so ... anyway, off we went into the studio and I got to put out my cute coat from Lulu & Luigi and wear a purple hemp collar and leash. It was so nice and soft. At first I wasn't sure about it but then I decided I really liked it ... and my pal Gigi got to wear a cute outfit too :)

In the 'green room' getting ready for the show

Checking out the studio landscape
in nung-nung style

Waiting patiently

Our two minutes of fame! :)

Mom tells me that everyone at the studio kept asking her 'is she always this calm??' ... she said I was such a good girl and I did a great job laying perfectly still and facing the camera :) I hope mom told everyone that I have to be calm and conserve my energy so that I can chase rabbits, squirrels and even dead possums (just wish she'd let me keep them when I catch them or find them!). I also need to conserve my energy so I can play with little brother Legacy. He's now almost 12 weeks old and is 15 pounds!!!

Ahnung and Legacy ... best of friends!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome Legacy to our family!

With my new brother Legacy!
At the end of August mom fostered 13 puppies (yes, that's THIRTEEN puppies) for 5 days. All the puppies came from Leech Lake Indian Reservation (three hours north of here ... the same place my buddy Jake came from). There were quite a few of them that were pretty sick and weak. After 5 days she was able to take 10 of them to the Animal Humane Society where they were placed into foster homes then later placed up for adoption. Well, 3 of the puppies were not doing so well: Legacy, Lenny and Lazarus ... so mom decided to hang onto them and fostered them through Act V Rescue.

I know this shouldn't come as a surprise .... she fell in love with one of them (actually, she fell in love with all 3 of them) and I also fell in love with one special boy ... his name is Legacy. You can read more about Legacy and how he came to be a part of our family on mom's blog:

Lenny and Lazarus (now Rez) have found new homes. Mom took them to their new adoptive homes about a week ago and they are both doing great! And Legacy, well ... this sweet boy has become quite my buddy (and my shadow ... he's follows me all around the back yard). He's also been teaching me how to really play. Here's just one of a million videos mom  has of us playing :)

and here's a video of the 13 puppies mom took in for a short time ... I was very glad they left!!! :)