Thursday, March 31, 2011

Please help my friends up at Red Lake Rez!

I've decided to take matters into my own paws and raise money for my friends up at the Red Lake rez! My rescuer Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue saved my life (and my 8 puppies!) back at the end of 2008 ... then she hooked me up with my mom who was with Pet Haven ... and now I have the best life possible! I want all my friends up at the rez to have the same chance as I have had and it's not going to happen without your help and to be honest, your donations!!! :) My rescuer takes in so many of us who have been abused horribly and have lots of medical problems ... when she found me, I had mange, malnourished, heartworm positive, lymes disease, coccidia and then later mom learns I also have a gunshot pellet in one of my nipples. She also rescued my friend Ode whose ears had been intentionally burned and whom she found in July of 2008. Btw, Ode (pronounced O-day and means 'heart' in ojibway) is doing great in her new home!!

So here's the deal .... I've told mom I will give up $250 of my doggie food allowance and will match all donations up to $250. I've even created my own fundraising page. Click here to make an online donation.

On top of this, I've asked my Uncle Keith who owns this really cool new dog spa and self service wash in St. Louis Park, Bubbly Paws, if he would join me in a fundraising effort. For the month of April if you make a donation to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue you get $5 off any service at  Bubbly Paws and my uncle Keith is going match donations up to $1,000!! Yes, that's $1000!! You should try out the self service wash. I hear it's pretty cool. They got me ready for my big Kare11 TV debut with Karen ... I opted for the full service grooming option :)

If you want to learn more about the absolutely incredible work that my rescuer Karen does up at the reservation you should watch the Kare11 video below..... oh, and that was my big TV debut too!!! :) I had so much fun at the studio that day ... I even got to  hang out with Karen and my mom in the makeover room ....

So please help spread the word about this fundraiser for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. If Uncle Keith of Bubbly Paws is matching donations up to $1000 and I (yes, sweet little nung-nung) is matching it up to $250 then we could raise $2500 for my friends up north.

Here's a video mom made a couple years ago to document the story of Ode a 14 week old puppy whose ears were burned ... originally rescued by Karen of Red Lake then taken into Pet Haven's foster program. Ode and I got to hang out when I first arrived into the cities ... we were quite the pair ... Ode, which means heart in ojibway and Ahnung which means star in ojibway .... The Heart and Star of Red Lake!! Please, please make a donation (any amount helps!) ... either donate online HERE or stop by Bubbly Paws to make a donation!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nung-nung's TV Debut on Kare11!!

Getting some lovin'
from anchor Pat Evans of Kare11
So I had my big TV debut yesterday on the Kare11 Today show with my rescuer Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and mom. We arrived at the studio at around 9:30 to meet up with Karen and a couple other Red Lake Rescue friends ... mom thought it would be a good idea for me to hang out and check out the joint and meet all the nice people, so we did. I was especially fascinated when I found this mirror in the makeover room and I couldn't stop staring at myself!! :) Check out the photos below ... but first, here's the video from yesterday ...

Mom was really proud of me. She said I did a fine job representing the dogs of Red Lake. Of course, what I say to her is, "would you expect anything less from me ... aka nung-nung ... aka Queenie??" :)

It was so much fun being on TV and I hope that I get another chance to be on TV ... and thanks again to Bubbly Paws for getting me all ready for my big TV debut!!! My next blog posting is going to be about the big fundraiser that I'm doing with Bubbly Paws to raisse donations for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and my friends up north!

More photos:

YES, i'm quite intrigued by myself :)

With my rescuer Karen Good!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spa Day at Bubbly Paws - Big TV Debut tomorrow!!

Smelling pretty and feeling soft!! :)
Today is a big day for me ... I have to get ready for my big Kare11 TV debut tomorrow. I'm going to be on TV with my rescuer Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. My rescuer Karen is one of the Kare11 Eleven Who Care volunteer winners. [Check my previous blog for more info]. She asked my mom if I could be an ambassador for the Red Lake rez dogs ... of course mom said YES!!! The show is going to be live and it starts at 11 AM tomorrow, Monday, 3/28 and I think we're going to be on at around 11:30 AM so be sure to have your TV on to Kare11 if you live in Minnesota. If you're not home i'm hoping it will be taped and I can post the link on my facebook fan page. Be sure to also check out the Red Lake Rosie's blog. They'll have more info, plus they have really cool stories about all the great rez dogs and cats!!

So my Uncle Keith who owns this really, really cool business called Bubbly Paws (self-service dog wash AND spa!) invited me to come in for a special spa treatment today so that I would look my best, feel soft and smell yummy ;-) The self-service dog wash is cool and mom is going to bring my brother Mister in soon and do the self-service dog wash with him ... but me, nung-nung (aka queenie) does not want the self service dog wash. Nung-nung wants the full-service spa treatment!!! :) and boy did I get it!! Mom took a ton of pictures so she made a video (check the video out below!)

And you know what else, because I LOVE my rescuer Karen Good and thinks she's the coolest person in the world (okay, she's a close second to mom!) I told mom that we need to organize a fundraiser for Red Lake Rosie's so I can help my friends up north looking for homes. I'll post more about our fundraiser in the next couple of days but just know that Bubbly Paws, Nung-Nung (and mom!) are teaming up to raise donations for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and it's going to be happening in April!! Stayed tuned for more details!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My rescuer Karen: Eleven Who Care Winner!

My rescuer Karen Good has been picked as one of the winners for the Kare11 Eleven Who Care Award.

"Eleven Who Care honorees are volunteers who exemplify the belief that one person can make a difference. They go above and beyond to help those in need, to improve the environment around them and to make our community better."

This was me when I was first rescued by Karen
in October 2008
I'm so happy to see my rescuer Karen getting the recognition she deserves. Of course, she's such a humble person and she works so hard for us because she loves us so much and not because she wants any recognition. I believe she's the Mother Theresa of animals and I owe her my life. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be alive, or I'd still be suffering out in the cold .... and because of her she brought me and mom together. Now I get to sleep on the couch or one of the many, many dog beds that we have in every room of our house!!

So dear Karen ... congratulations on being selected as one of the Eleven Who Care winners!!

To watch the Kare11 video where they interview Karen and share more about the incredible work she does click the following link.