Friday, February 8, 2013

A good day for nung-nung

At Chuck & Don't with mom!!
Today I took my brother Legacy's place as co-pilot when mom had to go out for a meeting. And then we got to go to Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet .... we have an emergency situation at home: yes, yummy treats are at a dangerously low level. Treats have slipped below the red line on our treat jar and I have told mom over and over again that it can NOT slip below the red line!

So today I made sure mom took me to Chuck & Don's. I got lots of belly rubs from the staff at the Bloomington C&D and also some tasty yummy treats. I also made sure mom bought me some special new treats .... Stella & Chewy's Absolutely Rabbit Dinner freeze dried treats. She also got me a bag of the Duck Duck Goose Dinner but I told her nung-nung prefers the rabbit. But I'll eat the duck duck goose treats too :) She let me sample one of the rabbit treats on our ride home. Yummy, yummy.

Now I get to hang out in the backyard with my brother Legacy. I love to bask in the sunshine but I don't get why my brother has to sit on top of me!! Oh well ...

Hope you all have a wonderful day! The emergency crisis has been taken care of at our home. Treat supplies have been replenished so nung-nung can now nap and get her beauty sleep.

"Give me some yummy raw rabbit treats!!"

Co-pilot :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A present from my friend Jaycee and her classmates!

The front page of the book of letters!
On January 14th I got to visit my friend Jaycee at her school and meet all of her classmates. It was such a fun day. If you haven't read that story you check on the blog post on it:

After I left Jaycee and all of her classmates wrote me (and mom) thank you letters :) Jaycee put all the letters together in a nice book and mom just got it today! :) Wow ... such nice, sweet letters.

I told mom that I am going to post every single letter on my blog. I will post a letter every day beginning with Jaycee's letter :)

Since mom didn't get permission to post the group shot we took before mom and I left their class, I am having to block faces ... nung-nung doesn't want to get in any trouble :( But Jaycee says i can post whatever photos I want of her on my blog. I had so much fun that day and I am hoping that I can go back soon and visit them again. From their notes you'll soon see that they would like me to come back too! :)

Thank you Jaycee, Jaycee's teachers and all of your classmates for being such a wonderful group and for welcoming us to your class.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Therapy dog at work!

Waiting for the elevator
Today mom got an email from our volunteer coordinator at Allina Hospice. She wanted to know if we could go visit our friend in hospice. We of course said yes. Once I got to the facility, I was greeted by lots of people. The staff there is just so wonderful. They are always commenting on how pretty I am and how they love my tail. Mom is always telling people how my tail is always wagging. My friend in hospice calls my tail, the 'happy indicator.' Guess that means nung-nung is a very happy girl.

We had a nice visit. My friend wasn't feeling so well and was sleeping when we got there. That's okay. We hung out for a little while and I decided to sleep right by his bed. I told mom we need to go back on Sunday to visit my friend. She said okay :)

And last Sunday, nung-nung got to attend the Leech Lake Legacy Celebration party! It was a big success. Lots of people came even though the weather was bad and nung-nung got lots and lots of belly rubs. Don't tell mom, but I also got lots of treats ... who needs a vacuum cleaner when nung-nung can provide that service for free and it's top notch service. The best part of the afternoon was that my friend Jaycee also came to see me and she was wearing a really cool t-shirt! :)

We had a healing prayer circle again led by my friend Merry. She led my prayer circle in April, 2012 after my second cancer surgery. It's been 2 months since mom was told my cancer has spread to my lungs. Well .... I am still feeling great and LOVING my raw whole food diet. This morning I gave my little brother Legacy a run for his money! He couldn't even keep up with me ...

Resting by my friend's bedside in hospice
Okay, it didn't take me long to crash!! :)
Off to run some errands with mom!
With my friend Jaycee at the Leech Lake Legacy Celebration party!