Friday, February 8, 2013

A good day for nung-nung

At Chuck & Don't with mom!!
Today I took my brother Legacy's place as co-pilot when mom had to go out for a meeting. And then we got to go to Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet .... we have an emergency situation at home: yes, yummy treats are at a dangerously low level. Treats have slipped below the red line on our treat jar and I have told mom over and over again that it can NOT slip below the red line!

So today I made sure mom took me to Chuck & Don's. I got lots of belly rubs from the staff at the Bloomington C&D and also some tasty yummy treats. I also made sure mom bought me some special new treats .... Stella & Chewy's Absolutely Rabbit Dinner freeze dried treats. She also got me a bag of the Duck Duck Goose Dinner but I told her nung-nung prefers the rabbit. But I'll eat the duck duck goose treats too :) She let me sample one of the rabbit treats on our ride home. Yummy, yummy.

Now I get to hang out in the backyard with my brother Legacy. I love to bask in the sunshine but I don't get why my brother has to sit on top of me!! Oh well ...

Hope you all have a wonderful day! The emergency crisis has been taken care of at our home. Treat supplies have been replenished so nung-nung can now nap and get her beauty sleep.

"Give me some yummy raw rabbit treats!!"

Co-pilot :)

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