Monday, November 28, 2011

Rez Dog Play

Rez dog pile:
Zuzu, Nung-nung and Legacy pile!
After Zuzu came for an overnight mom was then asked if she would consider fostering him till he got adopted ... hmmm, I could've told her that was coming!!! :) Well, Zuzu needed to spend some time in our home so that she could learn some dog rules and boundaries and mom was told that I would be a good teacher and role model for her and that she really needed socialization and play time with Legacy. If there's a pup that can teach another pup about the art of playing it's my brother Legacy!! He taught me how much fun it is to play ... every morning we play. I just have to share him with our foster sister Zuzu and that's okay. Zuzu has been with us for a couple weeks now in what mom is now calling the Pack Style Puppy Rehabilitation program. Zuzu had to learn not to be protective of her food and that when mom puts her hand in her food bowl it's a good thing; she also had to learn that she can't make a mad dash for the food bowl at dinner time ... like the rest of us, she has to sit and wait till mom tells her it's okay to eat. She's a smart little girl and she's learned quickly. Mom has also been taking her for lots of puppy outings (like she did with Legacy and the other two pups she fostered) ... she's no longer scared or skittish and is much more confident. She loves going to Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet and over the weekend she even got a bath at Bubbly Paws! She got a great application in from a young couple and tomorrow night they are going to meet her ... so, it's possible the sweet little pup is going to be adopted soon and will have her own forever home! :)

For now, we keep teaching her and I keep playing ... well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my brother Legacy and we play so hard together and we snuggle up and sleep together a lot.  Here's a video of us playing chase. Mom is amazed that I can run so fast ... and the little squirt, well ... he still can't catch me!!

and here's one of the 3 of us playing .. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zuzu comes for a visit ...

Halloween --- Zuzu style!
A few days ago mom tells me that we are having an overnight visitor ... this little puppy, Zuzu, who was rescued also from Red Lake reservation. She's up for adoption through Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation. Mom was asked to keep her for the night. Yes, this little pup needs some needed socialization and to learn how to interact and play with other dogs and to not be afraid. Hmmm .... there isn't a better place than our home with our pack of 4! Mom is told ... she's a little snarly and protective of her food (no problem, nung and mom can work with her on that!); she runs around like a nervous puppy and doesn't stop (we can fix that too!); and she's afraid of big dogs, especially big black dogs (ahh ... nung-nung can fix that too! We have lots of big black dogs here and nung-nung can be the first to show her that we're very nice dogs and won't hurt her).

We loved having her stay and she was like a new puppy after just 24 hours. When she first met me she just came right up to me and sniffed me. Mom tells me all the time that I am such a calm dog and that I have such an influence on other animals and also people. What do i think??? Well, i'm just nung-nung :) Legacy and Zuzu loved each other and played so hard. It was good for both of them. Zuzu also got to meet Mister who is so good with puppies. You should've seen Mister when mom was crazy and brought 13 puppies to the house to foster!!! Mister just knows to take things slowly with Zuzu. Zuzu got to watch Legacy and Mister playing and also saw how Legacy and I play. Mom says it's important for her to have good role models. Zuzu didn't get to meet Missy yet ... but something tells me Zuzu will be coming back. I think our home is a perfect home for rehabilitation and socialization for the puppies.

Here's a video 12 hours after Zuzu arrived!!!

Zuzu arrives ... the Rez Dogs!

Legacy and Zuzu .. a kiss???