Sunday, August 30, 2009

Help my friends ... please?

As many of you know ... the only reason I am still alive and I am still here to enjoy life is because of Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.  I was dumped along with my litter of 8 pups last fall, and if she hadn't taken me in I would've continued wandering around trying to survive. Check out my first blog entry and you can watch a video of my story (keep a box of kleenex handy!).

Anyway, Karen needs your help now and so do my friends up north. She recently took in 22 dogs and is in desperate need of fosters and rescues to help. The cute shepherd pup above is Ione. Here's what they have to say about this sweet pup: "found wandering alone - Karen G. says she is about 10-14wks old.   Says she is pretty scared.   NEEDS socialization.   This takes work but it can be accomplished. She was caught by a volunteer so she has hope in her future. She is a gorgeous little shep cross. This puppy would need to go EVERYWHERE with you and LOTS and LOTS of TLC and treats. :)    Maybe a fenced in yard due to the potential to run." 

[Check out the Red Lake blog for info on all the pups]

I also asked my Human to put together a video of photos she took on 3 separate trips she made up to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue last fall. Her first trip was in October (when she met me ... there are photos of me ... my glamour shots when I was still nursing my pups!). She then went back in November so she could bring me back. I had heartworm and was still nursing my pups so she couldn't bring me in October. Then in December we went back together so we could visit Karen and my friends ... AND we helped in transporting 18 dogs/pups/kittens back to the Twin Cities.

Check out the video below ... and if you are willing to consider fostering my Human says you can foster through Pet Haven (the rescue that took me in) ... all you need to do is provide a loving home [all expenses are covered by Pet Haven]. 

It's going to start getting cold up north soon ... so please help my friends up north before winter comes.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My brother Mister hard at work!

Okay, so this morning my brother Mister got to hang out with Auntie Laura ... who not only volunteers for Pet Haven -- she volunteers for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue AND she just started her own business Rescue Buddy Boarding and Beyond. Mister wants me to tell everyone that he was Rescue Buddy's FIRST, yes FIRST customer. Mister spreads his lovely personality and energy with several favorite boarding and doggie daycare facilities. He can be a handful and he doesn't want to wear out his welcome. Anyway, so today was Auntie Laura's turn .... he was told when he got dropped off this morning that he was going to be put to work. Auntie Laura had to do a home visit for an adoptive family interested in adopting a puppy from Red Lake Rosie's. I, of course, LOVE Red Lake Rosie's because that's where I came from, and if it wasn't for Karen of Red Lake Rosie's I don't know where I would be .... Auntie Laura brought Mister so that the family could get a sense of what happens when a cute puppy grows up and gets big like Mister. Now, don't get me wrong --- we ALL love Mister, but he can be a handful. Mister's job was to make sure that the family knows that cute, perfect, cuddly puppies grow up, need lots of exercise and stimulation, training, get into lots of trouble and chew EVERYTHING ... and some even end up with a bad case of separation anxiety (my brother is getting over it though ... thank goodness!).

Check out the A+ report card that Auntie Laura sent to me:

"Ahnung-I thought you might be interested in writing about your brother working at a home visit for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. This family is interested in adopting a puppy right from the same place you used to call home. Mister came along to show the family what it is like when the cute little puppy grows up. And as you can see he did a great job exploring the backyard complete with playhouse. And then he had to take a little rest in the kitchen while the humans talked more about what is involved in having a puppy. You would have been very proud of Mister today. I know I was. The family is now ready to open up their home to a new furry bundle of joy. There are more dogs waiting for forever homes -

Thanks Mister for helping out. He is now napping after such a busy
day. And thanks Ahnung. See you at the Lab this fall."

I am proud of my brother. He's a really cool boy and i'm learning a lot from him too.

Note to Mister from Ahnung:
"Mister - I know you're having a great time at Auntie Laura's tonight. Missy, Henry and I do miss you and hope you get a good night's sleep. I'm going to have to turn in early. Mom got this crazy idea that I needed to get my nails clipped tonight. That alone is a crazy idea. Then on top of it decided that WE needed (like I had a say so in the matter!) to walk to the Petco from home. I think she's trying to kill me ... thank God the nice lady at Petco gave me some water and a couple treats. Don't worry brother .... I didn't let her make me walk back home -- we got lucky and hitched a ride back from Mom #2 who was on her way home from work. So hurry home so she can take you next time! See you tomorrow!"

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A movie of my photo shoot ...

My Human has been in this cleansing, organizing, purging kick ... and in that process she ran across this movie that Photographer's Guild made of my photo shoot back in March of this year. It makes me smile .... I guarantee, if you watch my movie, you'll love it too, especially if you know my story and what a rough start I had ... those days are long gone!!

Thanks Karen (of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue ... for rescuing me and my pups!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Will you help my friends?

This past school year I began volunteering at The Lab and began working with "R" (that's us looking into each other's eyes ;-) The Lab is a program of St. Paul Public Schools and serves at-risk youth to discover, understand and share their voices through creative and experiential opportunities. Sometimes humans have been hurt so much that it's hard for them to trust -- that's what I've learned about all of these great kids, and in particular "R". "R" and I got teamed up and I got to hang out with him every week. I remember the first time we met ... I could tell he liked me (and I liked him too!) but he really wasn't sure what to do with me. As weeks passed (and there were days when all we would do is hang out together while he played word games with my Human) I could feel his heart opening up ... I think my heart also started to open up to. Every Tuesday morning my Human and I would wait for "R" to arrive at The Lab. He would arrive in a St. Paul yellow cab with a couple other kids, escorted by an adult. As our bond grew, and weeks passed, "R" would dart out of the cab and run into the building to meet me. I would wait for him to walk through the door. I love to see the big smile on his face and how he would get down on his knees and give me a big bear hug. The first time the other kids met me, "R" said "This is my dog, AH-NUNG" and he hugged me for the tenth time. My pal "R" -- he can hug me a hundred times and that wouldn't even be enough.

The Lab is a really cool place because they have programs where dogs can participate. Me, i'm pretty mellow, and rather than the dog obedience stuff, I like to work 1:1 with kids like "R" ... for me, it's about relationships and connecting and simply hanging out. Like "R" i went through so much before I was rescued by Karen of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (heartworm, lymes disease, gun shot, starvation - and I have no front teeth to prove it! You name it, i'm a survivor!)

Anyway, I need your help now ... The Lab has been nominated for a $10,000 grant - a grant called "Grant for Change" and supports artists, activists, and athletes doing good in the world. The recipient is based on votes. The Lab NEEDS your vote, and it needs to be done by 8/31, so no procratinating my friends ;-) Together, we can make a difference in the lives of more "R's" in this world ...

To vote, visit the Nau Grant for Change site.

And spread the word!

Hugs from "R" and slobbery kisses from me (ahnung)

Friday, August 7, 2009

I've got this play thing down now!

Okay, so it's only taken me 7 months to figure this thing out but i've got it, by George, i've got this play thing down! I've been sitting back watching my brother Mister play with Missy and also the cat, Henry. I admit, i'm not so sure about Missy yet ... i've tried to jump in and join Missy and Mister when they play but Missy will start chasing me and it kinda scares me. But Mister ... oh, Mister is just one crazy boy who makes a LOT of noise. The other day my Human had Missy hang out behind the baby gate so that Mister and I could play. Boy oh boy, was it fun! Check out the video .... then my Human had to go ruin it by letting Missy back in (who, by the way, was barking and whining in the background) .... I mean, I love Missy ... I think we just need a little more time to figure out how to play well with each other. After my Human let Missy back in I decided to sit back and watch again even though I could tell Missy wanted to play ... poor Missy .. I think she was a little upset and couldn't understand why all the fun stopped. But watch the video -- you'll see that Mister gives her a kiss at the end. He is such a sweet brother AND a great play teacher.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What i've learned after 6 months

It's been over six months now since my Humans adopted me along with my four-legged brothers Mister and Henry (he's of the feline species) and sister, Missy. What can I say ... life has been good. I've been sitting back watching Mister and Missy play, Mister and Henry play and snuggle up together. Mister plays soooo hard with both Missy and Henry. I'm learning a lot from the crazy boy. He always greets our Humans with something in his mouth. When they come home he drags the blanket off of the couch and makes sure he has something to offer them. He used to offer shoes, socks, pens, wooden decorations and other goodies he'd find off of the tables but our Humans have started putting everything away before they leave ... hmmm, must be that they don't want Mister eating it. I still remember the day our Humans came home and Mister had munched on a blinking device with small buttons (editor's note: it was my blackberry/cell phone) .... he munched on it good and my Human was NOT -- I repeat, NOT ... a happy camper. After a couple minutes though she started to laugh. It seems like she can't stay mad at my brother. I think his cuteness must score him some points. Anyway, I've been learning to put stuff in my mouth too. The other day I followed Mister upstairs ... he had my Human's flip flop in his mouth. My Human went after him. I decided to join in the fun and I grabbed my Human's other flip flop and put it in my mouth and ran upstairs too. Hey, I've seen Mister and Missy play and I want to join in too. My Human seemed shocked to see me with flip flops in my mouth. I don't get it ... she's not surprised when Mister has stuff in his mouth, why does she have to look at me like i'm an alien when I'm just doing what Mister has been doing all these months????!!!

The other day Mister and Missy were playing so hard upstairs ... Missy does these cool somersaults. I think she must practice doggie yoga because she's pretty flexible. Mister just yanks on Missy and bites him so hard and makes all these loud noises. At first I thought they were fighting. They put their butt up in the air a lot and stretch out their front paws ... I think they're saying i'm ready to play. I decided to join in ... man, I got scared ... Missy turned around and started chasing me. I think she was playing but i'm not sure. My Human laughed as she saw me turn around so quickly and run down the steps. Yes, I ran faster than i've ever run before. Give me a few more months ... i'll get the hang of this crazy play thing. I'm kinda likin' it so far :)

And you have got to just see Mister play with Henry. I don't know how many times i've seen Henry's entire head in his mouth. Those two just love each other. Dog ... cat ... human ... who cares what species we are -- we all love each other.

Best friends --- that's what we all are.