Friday, August 7, 2009

I've got this play thing down now!

Okay, so it's only taken me 7 months to figure this thing out but i've got it, by George, i've got this play thing down! I've been sitting back watching my brother Mister play with Missy and also the cat, Henry. I admit, i'm not so sure about Missy yet ... i've tried to jump in and join Missy and Mister when they play but Missy will start chasing me and it kinda scares me. But Mister ... oh, Mister is just one crazy boy who makes a LOT of noise. The other day my Human had Missy hang out behind the baby gate so that Mister and I could play. Boy oh boy, was it fun! Check out the video .... then my Human had to go ruin it by letting Missy back in (who, by the way, was barking and whining in the background) .... I mean, I love Missy ... I think we just need a little more time to figure out how to play well with each other. After my Human let Missy back in I decided to sit back and watch again even though I could tell Missy wanted to play ... poor Missy .. I think she was a little upset and couldn't understand why all the fun stopped. But watch the video -- you'll see that Mister gives her a kiss at the end. He is such a sweet brother AND a great play teacher.

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