Monday, October 26, 2009

I love Photographers Guild!

I just love the Photographers Guild! I had a photo shoot with them earlier this year (it was a fundraiser they were having to raise money for Pet Haven). Not only were they doing a good thing helping raise money for my homeless friends ... but they took such great photos of me .... AND i'm also featured on their pet page of their website.

YES ... I just love them! And the owner of Photographers Guild is a really cool guy! He's such a huge supporter of Pet Haven and they are so generous!

I have a movie from my photo shoot at Photographers Guild ....

check it out!! And to all my furry friends ... tell your Human to schedule a photo shoot at Photographers Guild! You'll love it and they'll make you look like a star!! :) Be sure to mention 'Pet Haven' when you go --- they'll be donating 100% of the proceeds from the photo shoot to Pet Haven! Not only will you get to be a star, but you'll be helping your fellow homeless pals --- can't beat that, can you??

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Strays to the Rescue

Through facebook my Human learned about this new book that will be coming out on November 1st. A Book titled "To the Rescue" and is a photo book about dogs rescued from shelters and streets who are now registered therapy dogs, giving back to the community.

Check out the Time magazine piece on this book and their website.

I'm really excited that my Human is committed to us working together so that we can become registered with Delta Society as a Pet Partner team. She heard back from the therapy dog evaluator the other day and is going to observe some therapy dog evals so she knows what the test entails. Even though i'm still finishing up my Obedience I class I will also be starting my Therapy Dog class next Tuesday! My Human and I are going to be busy!!! After my Human observes the therapy dog tests she's been told that as soon as she feels we are ready we can sign up for the test. She's also been busy studying the Delta Society Pet Partner's Team Training course student manual which is another requirement.

Who knows ... maybe some day I can be featured in a photo book too!! :)

Photo by Diana Walker.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pet Partner team -- here we come!

I know it's only been a few weeks since I got my Canine Good Citizen certificate .... and I know i'm really technically only in obedience I ... but i'm starting therapy dog class next Tuesday night as the teacher thinks I would do great in the class (she said I didn't need to do obedience II). She told my mom that I have the temperament for a great therapy dog.

One of the exercises in the Delta Society Pet Partner's team evaluation is called the "restraining hug" ... well, as you can see from the photo below that I won't have a problem with that. Loud noises, crowds and yelling also don't phase me.
My Human has inquired with one of the Delta evaluators about setting up a time for us to be evaluated as a Pet Partner team. I know i'll do my part .... the BIG question is whether or not my Human can hold her end of the bargain!! :)

I've been telling her not to sweat it. We'll both do fine. I think she needs more reassurance than I do that we'll be okay. If you talk to my Human, will you tell her to "chill."

She was nervous about me taking the CGC test after only 2 official dog training classes when they recommend completing Obedience I and Obedience II. Don't get me wrong, my brother Mister probably needs to go through both classes before he can pass the CGC test (just kidding brother!) .... some of us just know what our calling in life is. Mine is to be a therapy dog .... i just need my Human to work her end of the leash ;-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two's company ... three's a crowd!

So we have this one couch in our living room. We play lots of musical chairs between sleeping on the couch, the dog bed, and the leather chairs. The other day my one Human snapped a photo using her cell phone of the 3 of us..... i'm sound asleep and so is Mister (who's hogging the right side of the couch). Poor Missy doesn't have much room .... guess she's feeling a little scrunched when the photo was taken but I understand that she eventually settled down and went to sleep too :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

One year anniversary ...

This weekend is my one year anniversary from when my Human took her first trip up north to Red Lake Rosie's Reservation .... I decided I wanted to re-post my first blog entry from March of this year to celebrate my anniversary ...

I've decided it's time for me to start my own blog. My Human has written about me soooo much. She's told my story a million times over and I even have a video of my story. Since this is my first posting i'll go ahead and share the movie with you. I'll share a few links with you where she's written about me .... then after you've had a chance to go through all of it, and of course the movie, i'll share my story from my perspective!
Here are a few of my Human's entries from her own personal blog: She meets me for the first time in October, 2008 on her first trip up north to Red Lake reservation where I am from. All I can say is thank god for Karen Good, who helped me out and so many of my friends who have been abandoned, abused and neglected. My Human reflecting on her trip in October 2008 where she meets me for the first time. I was kind of a wreck. I had these squirmy, squealing puppies (yes, 8 of them!) that kept latching onto my nipple. I had to share an igloo with them and to be honest, i needed a little break from them as much as i love them.... and Karen was kind enough to give me short breaks. At night though i'd escape from my kennel and wander around the land. What can i say, i'm a free spirit. My Human returns to Red Lake in November. Yes!! She's come back for me. My puppies were taken in by another rescue .... here's her reflections from that trip (somehow she seems to think that she'll be able to just foster me ... i wiggled my way into her heart and home and you'll soon learn she eventually adopts me! :) She names me Ahnung (pronounced ah-NUNG) which means star in ojibway. I love my name... and yes, I love my Human. Check out her reflection and some photos of my first few weeks as I become a city dog! By the end of November i've successfully continued to wiggle deeper into her heart and her soul. Since I have heartworm I was hanging out at Bloomington Vet and my Human came every day to pick me up so we could go hang out a dog-friendly coffee shop. I really looked forward to our trips every day. She still kept saying she was only "fostering" me ... yeah, right!!! She was also starting to mention something about going back up to Red Lake to visit Karen and pick up some of my friends who needed to be rescued. By the end of November I can sense she's really torn between keeping me and adopting me ... personally, i'm hoping she'll just keep me. I also don't think she's cut out for fostering ... just my humble opinion, not that you asked! Well, we took a 6 hour road trip in December to my home town of Red Lake reservation... it was surreal to be back there. I loved seeing Hazel again (she's the shepherd mix at the very front ... i was part of the "big dog clan" hanging out with lots the shepherds .. all such cool dogs, but that Hazel ... she was extra special!). We were best buds and would hang out together all the time and saunter around the land. My Human wrote yet another reflection piece after our trip in December (we got caught in a blizzard while we were there). The best part of that trip is she decided to adopt me! And now that I am a part of my Human's family (there's one other Human, and I have 2 big black dog siblings ... Missy and Mister, and a black and white kitty brother named Henry). We all get along so well. I've also started to volunteer at this really cool program called The Lab. You can read more about it on the Pet Haven dog blog. Well .... I could go on and on and on ... but since this is my first blog posting, i'll try not to bore you too much. I'm really excited about all this outreach work i'm doing and getting to hang out with these cool kids. I'm going to check with the program coordinator of The Lab to see if I can chat with my friends at The Lab through email (can you believe it .. I finally have my own email account!). You can email me directly at Not bad, eh, ..... from surviving heartworm and lymes disease, a gun shot wound and starvation (in case you don't know I have have no front teeth ... i was desperately searching for food when I was wandering around up north and would eat dirt ... how did I know my teeth would be ground down to my gum (no one told me, and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!) ... from all that to sleeping on LL Bean doggie beds and couches and spending my days either sleeping or hanging out with kids. Life sure doesn't get any better. Lastly, I just have to give a special thanks to Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for rescuing me and giving me a second chance. Karen ... you are the best! I want to come back and visit you and my pals up there ... i'm working on my Human to commit to a date, but don't worry ... i'll be back!! Well .. i'm pretty psyched about having my own blog. I have so much on my mind that I want to share and I don't want to have to fight my Human for time on the computer .... I hope you'll check back often ... Later, ahnung

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I love to play now ...

When I first got here I had no idea what this "play" thing is ... well, when one has to worry about finding food and just surviving who's got time to play! Well, let me tell you friends, I LOVE to play now. It took me a few months of watching my siblings Missy and Mister play till I finally decide to jump in and try. Of course, I started with Mister --- he's the king of play! He should be the king of play for as much time as he spends at various doggie daycares!

I especially love to play with my brother Mister. I also love to play with my sister Missy, but only if Mister isn't around. I don't really know how to play with two dogs at one ... as they say, two's company -- three's a crowd!

here I am playing with Mister!

and here's what happens when Missy join in ... now when Mister is hanging out at Auntie Laura's (aka Rescue Buddy Boarding) which he does when my Human is traveling for work ... then it's just Missy and me, and boy, do we have fun playing. Who would've known that this play thing could be so much fun. My Humans tell me i've got some pretty quick moves :) One thing I like to do is to go after Mister's back legs when he thinks we're done, and in my opinion, we're not! Anyway, when there's 3 of us I don't know how to play, so this is what I do ...