Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pet Partner team -- here we come!

I know it's only been a few weeks since I got my Canine Good Citizen certificate .... and I know i'm really technically only in obedience I ... but i'm starting therapy dog class next Tuesday night as the teacher thinks I would do great in the class (she said I didn't need to do obedience II). She told my mom that I have the temperament for a great therapy dog.

One of the exercises in the Delta Society Pet Partner's team evaluation is called the "restraining hug" ... well, as you can see from the photo below that I won't have a problem with that. Loud noises, crowds and yelling also don't phase me.
My Human has inquired with one of the Delta evaluators about setting up a time for us to be evaluated as a Pet Partner team. I know i'll do my part .... the BIG question is whether or not my Human can hold her end of the bargain!! :)

I've been telling her not to sweat it. We'll both do fine. I think she needs more reassurance than I do that we'll be okay. If you talk to my Human, will you tell her to "chill."

She was nervous about me taking the CGC test after only 2 official dog training classes when they recommend completing Obedience I and Obedience II. Don't get me wrong, my brother Mister probably needs to go through both classes before he can pass the CGC test (just kidding brother!) .... some of us just know what our calling in life is. Mine is to be a therapy dog .... i just need my Human to work her end of the leash ;-)

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