Monday, January 14, 2013

Ahnung visits her friend Jaycee's school

Getting loving from my friend Jaycee
Today I got to visit my friend Jaycee's school. Jaycee is the daughter of my mom's co-worker. She and her mom came to my Celebration of Life party in April where I got to meet them for the first time. She's been asking her mom about me all the time and has been praying for me. She also got to meet my brother Legacy at my April, 2012 Celebration of Life party .. in fact, she got to hang onto my brother for most of my party as mom was busy.

Anyway, Jaycee had to write a story for class and guess what, she chose to write about me. She wrote this really cool story about me and shared with  her classmates where I came from, what I tough life I had till mom adopted me, how I'm a therapy dog, how I got cancer, and about our special party in April. She also shared in her story how my little Legacy was being a little squirt at my celebration party and got into the cake that was there!! :) Good thing mom didn't see him get into the cake!! After mom heard Jaycee wrote a story about me she offered for us to visit her class. Today was my lucky day.  I got a spa treatment on Saturday to get ready for my big visit today. Mom always tells me I have to look and smell good when I am 'working' as a therapy dog :) Today I got to see Jaycee and all of her classmates (they are in 2nd grade). She did such a wonderful job sharing my story. Then mom shared a few more stories about me and also the work we do volunteering in hospice as a pet partner team. At the end of our visit all the cool kids came up to me to say hi and I got lots and lots of hugs and belly rubs.

Thank you Jaycee for inviting us to come your school and to meet your classmates. You are one very special girl :)

After my spa treatment on Saturday
My friend Jaycee sharing the story she wrote about me :)
Lots of love and belly rubs!!
With my friend Jaycee and her mom Stephanie :)
And yesterday I got to visit my friend in hospice ... he was so happy to see me and says he LOVES my tail. He calls my tail the 'happy indicator.' He says I am very happy because my tail is always wagging!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Your own Ahnung ...

May we all have an Ahnung
May we all have our own north star
May we all have a soul connection capable of filling the spaces in our heart
   and in our universe

we never even knew were empty.

Ahnung and Legacy - Grand Marais, January, 2013
Note: At the end of December we learned that Ahnung's tumor in her lungs had grown 30%. A decision was made to stop chemo and to enjoy whatever remaining time left we have.