Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My brother Mister hard at work!

Okay, so this morning my brother Mister got to hang out with Auntie Laura ... who not only volunteers for Pet Haven -- she volunteers for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue AND she just started her own business Rescue Buddy Boarding and Beyond. Mister wants me to tell everyone that he was Rescue Buddy's FIRST, yes FIRST customer. Mister spreads his lovely personality and energy with several favorite boarding and doggie daycare facilities. He can be a handful and he doesn't want to wear out his welcome. Anyway, so today was Auntie Laura's turn .... he was told when he got dropped off this morning that he was going to be put to work. Auntie Laura had to do a home visit for an adoptive family interested in adopting a puppy from Red Lake Rosie's. I, of course, LOVE Red Lake Rosie's because that's where I came from, and if it wasn't for Karen of Red Lake Rosie's I don't know where I would be .... Auntie Laura brought Mister so that the family could get a sense of what happens when a cute puppy grows up and gets big like Mister. Now, don't get me wrong --- we ALL love Mister, but he can be a handful. Mister's job was to make sure that the family knows that cute, perfect, cuddly puppies grow up, need lots of exercise and stimulation, training, get into lots of trouble and chew EVERYTHING ... and some even end up with a bad case of separation anxiety (my brother is getting over it though ... thank goodness!).

Check out the A+ report card that Auntie Laura sent to me:

"Ahnung-I thought you might be interested in writing about your brother working at a home visit for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. This family is interested in adopting a puppy right from the same place you used to call home. Mister came along to show the family what it is like when the cute little puppy grows up. And as you can see he did a great job exploring the backyard complete with playhouse. And then he had to take a little rest in the kitchen while the humans talked more about what is involved in having a puppy. You would have been very proud of Mister today. I know I was. The family is now ready to open up their home to a new furry bundle of joy. There are more dogs waiting for forever homes - http://www.redlakerosie.org/animals/list.

Thanks Mister for helping out. He is now napping after such a busy
day. And thanks Ahnung. See you at the Lab this fall."

I am proud of my brother. He's a really cool boy and i'm learning a lot from him too.

Note to Mister from Ahnung:
"Mister - I know you're having a great time at Auntie Laura's tonight. Missy, Henry and I do miss you and hope you get a good night's sleep. I'm going to have to turn in early. Mom got this crazy idea that I needed to get my nails clipped tonight. That alone is a crazy idea. Then on top of it decided that WE needed (like I had a say so in the matter!) to walk to the Petco from home. I think she's trying to kill me ... thank God the nice lady at Petco gave me some water and a couple treats. Don't worry brother .... I didn't let her make me walk back home -- we got lucky and hitched a ride back from Mom #2 who was on her way home from work. So hurry home so she can take you next time! See you tomorrow!"

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  1. This home adopted our little Butterscotch from RLRR. THANK YOU Mister for doing a WONDERFUL job!!!!!!!!