Saturday, August 1, 2009

What i've learned after 6 months

It's been over six months now since my Humans adopted me along with my four-legged brothers Mister and Henry (he's of the feline species) and sister, Missy. What can I say ... life has been good. I've been sitting back watching Mister and Missy play, Mister and Henry play and snuggle up together. Mister plays soooo hard with both Missy and Henry. I'm learning a lot from the crazy boy. He always greets our Humans with something in his mouth. When they come home he drags the blanket off of the couch and makes sure he has something to offer them. He used to offer shoes, socks, pens, wooden decorations and other goodies he'd find off of the tables but our Humans have started putting everything away before they leave ... hmmm, must be that they don't want Mister eating it. I still remember the day our Humans came home and Mister had munched on a blinking device with small buttons (editor's note: it was my blackberry/cell phone) .... he munched on it good and my Human was NOT -- I repeat, NOT ... a happy camper. After a couple minutes though she started to laugh. It seems like she can't stay mad at my brother. I think his cuteness must score him some points. Anyway, I've been learning to put stuff in my mouth too. The other day I followed Mister upstairs ... he had my Human's flip flop in his mouth. My Human went after him. I decided to join in the fun and I grabbed my Human's other flip flop and put it in my mouth and ran upstairs too. Hey, I've seen Mister and Missy play and I want to join in too. My Human seemed shocked to see me with flip flops in my mouth. I don't get it ... she's not surprised when Mister has stuff in his mouth, why does she have to look at me like i'm an alien when I'm just doing what Mister has been doing all these months????!!!

The other day Mister and Missy were playing so hard upstairs ... Missy does these cool somersaults. I think she must practice doggie yoga because she's pretty flexible. Mister just yanks on Missy and bites him so hard and makes all these loud noises. At first I thought they were fighting. They put their butt up in the air a lot and stretch out their front paws ... I think they're saying i'm ready to play. I decided to join in ... man, I got scared ... Missy turned around and started chasing me. I think she was playing but i'm not sure. My Human laughed as she saw me turn around so quickly and run down the steps. Yes, I ran faster than i've ever run before. Give me a few more months ... i'll get the hang of this crazy play thing. I'm kinda likin' it so far :)

And you have got to just see Mister play with Henry. I don't know how many times i've seen Henry's entire head in his mouth. Those two just love each other. Dog ... cat ... human ... who cares what species we are -- we all love each other.

Best friends --- that's what we all are.

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  1. Gracie Lou is also of the "meet and greet w/ a toy" variety. But at least she brings the toy to me, drops it on my foot, and rolls over for a belly rub!