Saturday, July 25, 2009

Glamour shot

Okay ... so i've been on break from blogging. You have to remember ... i'm used to the cold weather of northern Minnesota so this heat wears me out. All I want to do is sleep (my Human tells me that's what I tell her no matter what the temperature is ... what does she know!). Anyway, I don't have many words to say so I thought i'd just post one of my favorite photos from a photo shoot that I had at Photographers Guild a few months ago. It shows me looking perky ... well, don't be fooled. It's only because the photographer is taunting me with treats. Yes, i'm food motivated, aren't we all????

Most of the time you won't see me looking this perky. Most of the time ... yes, my Human is right ... i'm sleeping :)

On that note, time to go back to bed.

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