Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shadow's 2 year anniversary

It was two years ago today when my Humans said goodbye to Shadow. I can sense in their heart how much they still miss him. My Human rescued him from the country roads of Owasso, Oklahoma -- she was training for a triathlon and after a hill workout on what was referred to as "killer hill" she saw him wandering the roads, ribs protruding, dried blood on his ear (obviously a wound that had healed) and filled with ticks and fleas. She took him in that hot summer afternoon. She later discovered that he had been shot ... x-rays revealed he had lead in his skull. Apparently, someone had shot at him and took a little piece of his ear ... as the bullet hit his ear it shattered leaving pieces of lead in his skull. My Human tells me Shadow hated July 4th and fireworks ... on June 18, 2007 he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and given a few weeks to live ... he was a smart boy and decided to tell my Human early in the morning of July 2, 2007 that it was time for him to go. He told her by burrowing himself in a hole he dug by a bush in their backyard and laying in it -- something he has never done before. He was not about to go through another year of fireworks and trauma!

My Human created a video to celebrate his life. It's a beautiful tribute ..... my Humans lost both Shen and Shadow in an 8 month period - Shen to spleen cancer and Shadow to intestinal cancer.

I hope they know that their spirits continue to live on in Missy, Mister, Henry and myself.

My Human also wrote a poem for Shadow on July 4th, "Whispers from Rainbow bridge" -- you can read it here.

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