Sunday, August 30, 2009

Help my friends ... please?

As many of you know ... the only reason I am still alive and I am still here to enjoy life is because of Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.  I was dumped along with my litter of 8 pups last fall, and if she hadn't taken me in I would've continued wandering around trying to survive. Check out my first blog entry and you can watch a video of my story (keep a box of kleenex handy!).

Anyway, Karen needs your help now and so do my friends up north. She recently took in 22 dogs and is in desperate need of fosters and rescues to help. The cute shepherd pup above is Ione. Here's what they have to say about this sweet pup: "found wandering alone - Karen G. says she is about 10-14wks old.   Says she is pretty scared.   NEEDS socialization.   This takes work but it can be accomplished. She was caught by a volunteer so she has hope in her future. She is a gorgeous little shep cross. This puppy would need to go EVERYWHERE with you and LOTS and LOTS of TLC and treats. :)    Maybe a fenced in yard due to the potential to run." 

[Check out the Red Lake blog for info on all the pups]

I also asked my Human to put together a video of photos she took on 3 separate trips she made up to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue last fall. Her first trip was in October (when she met me ... there are photos of me ... my glamour shots when I was still nursing my pups!). She then went back in November so she could bring me back. I had heartworm and was still nursing my pups so she couldn't bring me in October. Then in December we went back together so we could visit Karen and my friends ... AND we helped in transporting 18 dogs/pups/kittens back to the Twin Cities.

Check out the video below ... and if you are willing to consider fostering my Human says you can foster through Pet Haven (the rescue that took me in) ... all you need to do is provide a loving home [all expenses are covered by Pet Haven]. 

It's going to start getting cold up north soon ... so please help my friends up north before winter comes.


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