Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Escape Artist on your hand?

Before I came to live my Humans they had this super sweet black dog, Shadow. Well, I understand that Shadow was quite the escape artist. Like me, he was found wandering the country roads, except in his case, it was in the dead heat of summer in Tulsa, Oklahoma and temperatures were a squelching 105 degrees! Like me also, he was shot and was scavenging for food... lucky for him, my Human was finishing up a workout and he crossed her path ... he lived like a king the rest of his life, as it should be :)

Shadow could dig his way out of the back yard, squeeze through open car windows, and even open doors! My Human had to put special locks on doors in the house to keep this houdini from getting to spaces he wasn't supposed to go.

Anyway .... my friend Auntie Laura has written a great blog posting on what to do when we decide to get loose and escape. You have to admit, from our perspective it's pretty fun to tour neighborhoods. One time my sister Missy got out of the backyard because the fence door wasn't securely latched. I hear she didn't even try to go too far ... a neighbor brought her back home because she was sitting at the corner by the stop sign looking lost ... she had her chance to check out all the city alleys and she passed on the opportunity. I'm gonna have to teach that girl how to roam the neighborhood!

So check out Auntie Laura's blog by clicking here. Yeah, see if you can outsmart us. I challenge you!! :)

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