Friday, September 18, 2009

Cartoonist looking for stories of Rescued Dogs

Want a chance to be famous ... well, my Human got a request from Bruce, the co-founder of Draw the Dog .. they are looking for stories of rescued dogs and their antics. I know there's a lot of you out there with lots of stories and antics to share. Don't be bashful -- give it a shot and submit your story. Here's his request ... [i'll be working on my story to submit soon, or maybe it'll be Mister who'll submit a story] ...

"We are in the early stages of launching a website called Draw the Dog, where we will post one new dog cartoon each day. These cartoons are a bit unique, because they draw themselves. We have a few samples here:

Most of the cartoons will be based on a dog submitted by its owners. So we are looking for stories about real dogs and their real antics. If the owner wishes, we will acknowledge their dog next to the cartoon.

We would especially like to include cartoons about rescue dogs in our early group (I own two.) Would you consider forwarding this email to your friends/volunteers and asking them to send me their favorite story about something amusing, remarkable or plain silly their dog has done?

Jim George draws each cartoon. He is an ex-Disney animator who has created many characters for movies and TV. He's remarkably talented. It's not often you get to have your dog made famous by an artist from the movie industry.

We're racing to get the site ready, and will really appreciate anything you can do to encourage your members to help inspire Jim.

Many thanks,

Note: The photo of the cute dog (above) is Cody (formerly Fred), a former Pet Haven dog, who has been adopted. He's just slobbering thinking about all the ways he could be a star ... and then the photo below is of Mister who simply can't contain his excitement!! I think i'll have to step aside on this one as Mister probably has a lot more antics and crazy stories he can share."

So everyone! Give it a shot! See you if you can share your story and if it will be enough to inspire Jim George the cartoonist!!

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