Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meet Lola and Emma!

Yesterday my Human went to Pet Haven's Dog Adoption event and took pictures of a bunch of my friends who are hoping to find their forever homes. When I first met my Human it used to drive me crazy because she would always have this black object attached to the front of her face and she kept following me around and I would hear this clicking noise (editor's note: Ahnung used to run away every time I would pull my camera out]. I hated it before ... now, I love posing for her!! Well, my friends need all the help they can get so that potential adopters out there can see just how beautiful they are. So yesterday she took a million photos of these cute little pups (Lola and Emma) who came to Pet Haven's foster program from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (yes, the one and only Karen who also saved me!). She put together a video ...

If you (or if you know anyone) are thinking about adopting puppies please pass my blog link along to them so they can watch this video.

If you want to check out another video my Human made (and it has quite a few of the other dogs who were at the adoption event yesterday) go to the Pet Haven blog.

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