Saturday, September 26, 2009

Officially a Canine Good Citizen!

We did it!! Yes, my Human and I went through the Canine Good Citizen test last night and WE passed! I don't know why she was so nervous about it. She said something about i've only gone through two classes of the first obedience class at Canine Coach and that I really should complete the first two obedience classes (that is, the entire 6-week series)?? Whatever .... that's what I told her. When you're a natural, you're a natural :) She told me she needs to get all this paperwork to make me "official" so I can keep volunteering at The Lab with the kids. I start again in about a month and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm still hoping i'll get to hang out with "R" (the kid who is in the photo with me) --- we got to hang out every week last year and I really liked him, and I think he really liked me. If not, I guess I can work with other kids.

My Human has signed up for a workshop next weekend called "Kids and Dogs: Canine Facilitated Mental Health Protocols for At-Risk Youth." She's gotten really serious about all this stuff. I think that's cool because then I can bring her with me to schools and we can start developing programs for these kids and the general public. We're going to continue our obedience I class through Canine Coach --- I just love our trainer Danielle ... she's not only fun; she's got much better treats than my Human! If I can get my Human to remain calm then I think I'll have her sign us up for the Therapy Dog test. She, of course, wants us to "train" a little more ... I keep trying to tell her i'm a natural at all this and this is what my job is ...  well, that's okay, I'll let her keep "training" me. The truth is (but it's our secret, okay?) I'm "training" her and right now we're working on confidence-building ... she'll get there.

I have a job ... and right now it's to work at The Lab with youth. I'm just glad my Human understands how healing animals can be for people, as in this case, youth who have been cast aside .... I understand that (and so do many of my friends who are rescued too). Be sure to check out the great programs that The Lab offers  --- it's a program of St. Paul Public Schools and is one cool program!

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