Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Winter bedding drive for my friends up north!

As winter approaches I am reminding of how I was roaming around in the frigid cold last winter ... thank goodness Karen of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took me in along with my 8 pups. Karen has posted on her blog how they are preparing for winter. Last November when my Human came back up north to pick me up I was living with the "big dogs" in igloos. Karen made sure we had lots of straw so that we would stay warm. She always worries about the pups in her care :) There's no indoor shelter. All the dog kennels are outside. I was lucky last November ... I was able to go home with my Human and no longer had to sleep outside in the cold.
Well, my friends up north need your help. If you think it's cold here in Minneapolis/St. Paul, just imagine how much colder it is about 6 hours north of here! I went back last December with my Human to visit Karen and to help out for a week (okay, my Human helped out ... I had to just sleep and relax -- yes, doctor's orders as I was going through heartworm treatment and was instructed I MUST stay calm!! Yeah, not hard for me to do!). On our visit last December my Human got this great photo of Diedra (her new name is Chelsea) .... Chelsea was adopted by a vet tech at Pet Haven's partner clinic. I hear she's going to be featured on the Pet Haven dog blog soon -- so watch for her story!

Okay, I digress .... back to the point of my blog. Please consider helping my friends by making a donation. Karen needs to purchase 300 bales of straw (@ $2/bale) and 20 bales of cedar wood chips (@ $5.29/bale). For more information on Red Lake Rosie's winter bedding drive visit the Red Lake Rosie's blog.

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