Friday, September 4, 2009

Lazy days coming to an end ...

I know it's hard for you to imagine ... but I do get bored just hanging out at home. So I talked my Human into registering me for a class at Canine Coach AND we're also signed up for the Canine Good Citizen test at the end of the month. I told my Human I could pass that test today ... she doesn't seem to think so. Somehow she seems to think i have a mind of my own and that when I decide i've had enough, i've had enough. Well, it's up to her to motivate me to listen to her, right? Why she insists on blaming me for things I just don't know ....

She's been telling me about this really cool pitbull Wallace - he even has his own website and blog. Check out the photo of Wallace the pitbull (taken by Chris Perondi) on the left. Well .... I'm telling my Human not to get any crazy ideas. I may get bored just laying around the house and the back yard, but I am NOT ... let me repeat once more ... I am NOT going to be jumping up in the air catching some crazy frisbee. Kudos to Wallace for that, but you will not be seeing this girl flying in the air. Between us (don't tell Wallace!) ... i'm much smarter -- if you just wait patiently, the frisbee eventually does come back to the ground. Yes, something my Human calls "gravity." I'm all about efficiency and moving as little as possible. Yup, that's me.
I'm thinking i'll be more cut out for working with at-risk youth (which I am going to be volunteering again this fall at The Lab -- a really cool program of St. Paul Public Schools). My Human and I are working on developing a series of lesson plans that we can offer to these often over-looked kids. Last year I had a chance to work with "R" ... he's a really cool kid. I had just been adopted by my Human so I was still learning how to trust ... so I when "R" and I first met we spent a few weeks scoping each other out and just hanging out. As you can see from the photo we started to bond. I'm hoping i'll be able to team up again with him this year.
You should definitely check out The Lab's website. If you are looking to volunteer and make a difference, here are a few non-profits I would highly recommend volunteering with: The Lab, Pet Haven, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, and A Rotta Love Plus. My Human and I have personally worked with each of these groups and can vouch for them ... So let's stop lounging around, and start making a difference in this world for kids and for the animals.

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