Thursday, September 17, 2009

Humans working with our quirks

My Human is in New York City right now for work. When she goes out of town for work she sends my brother Mister away to go hang out at Rescue Buddy Boarding with Auntie Laura. My other Human has to work and leaving Mister with Missy, Henry and I apparently isn't good enough for our brother .... he barks and barks and barks, and just goes crazy! For you humans, it's like he's having a panic attack! He's the sweetest guy as long as one of our Humans is around ....

I heard when Missy arrived she went crazy when they put in her in a kennel to sleep the first night. She barked and barked and barked. They gave in after 30 minutes of non-stop barking and let her sleep upstairs on what used to be Shen's dog bed (which was right by their bed). She slept through the night without any accidents and has been kennel free since that day/night. I'm kinda like Missy ... just let me hang out where I want and i'll be just fine. Lock me up in a cage and i'm not so happy. Interestingly, when Mister was a puppy my Humans kept him in a kennel and he loved it. When he hit 2, he started to rebel .... yes, the terrible 2s!

I've learned that Humans like to put labels on things ... i think it makes it easier for them to put things in categories ... well, Mister's problem is labeled "separation anxiety". You know how they have a DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) manual for Humans. Hmmm, I think they need a  DSM for Doggies and there should be an entire section devoted to Rescued Dogs and Cats because we're a whole breed in itself!! Our neighbor calls me the "Zen Dog" .... I kinda like that!

If you want to read a good article on Separation Anxiety check out The Canine Coach website. The owner has written an article titled "Separation Anxiety: A Common Struggle for Rescue Dogs."

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