Monday, April 8, 2013

Ahnung's 2nd Celebration of Life party

Nung-nung had another Celebration of Life party yesterday, Sunday, April 7th ... mom arranged for us to have my big party at the exact same space as last year ... in the multi-purpose room of the Animal Humane Society in Golden ... and my auntie Merry, once again led the most beautiful healing prayer circle ... mom is gathering photos from that day and promised to make another video of the Celebration.

But nung-nung thought she would share a few photos from the celebration .... the beautiful, beautiful cake was a special surprise from my auntie Terri :) Nung-nung even got a few crumbs :)

The largest tumor in my lungs was 4 cm about a month ago, but I tell mom not to worry ... it's not bothering me and we will continue to take the exciting, peaceful, scenic route for my Final Walk :)

Auntie Terri cutting up my cake!!
Patiently waiting :) ...
And everyone wore one of my Legacy of Love pins :)

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