Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A present from my friend Jaycee and her classmates!

The front page of the book of letters!
On January 14th I got to visit my friend Jaycee at her school and meet all of her classmates. It was such a fun day. If you haven't read that story you check on the blog post on it:


After I left Jaycee and all of her classmates wrote me (and mom) thank you letters :) Jaycee put all the letters together in a nice book and mom just got it today! :) Wow ... such nice, sweet letters.

I told mom that I am going to post every single letter on my blog. I will post a letter every day beginning with Jaycee's letter :)

Since mom didn't get permission to post the group shot we took before mom and I left their class, I am having to block faces ... nung-nung doesn't want to get in any trouble :( But Jaycee says i can post whatever photos I want of her on my blog. I had so much fun that day and I am hoping that I can go back soon and visit them again. From their notes you'll soon see that they would like me to come back too! :)

Thank you Jaycee, Jaycee's teachers and all of your classmates for being such a wonderful group and for welcoming us to your class.

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