Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mom's made it through surgery with flying colors!!

Mom had surgery yesterday (her third surgery in a year and a half) to remove some crazy lump that keeps growing in her breast ... don't you worry though ... i'm continue to work on making these crazy lumps go away!!

I heard she did great at the hospital yesterday. I heard that she was talking away to everyone even as they were wheeling her away into surgery ... she was asking the nurse anesthesist if he was going to school to become an anesthesiologist, and then she was asking her surgeon when she woke up in the operating room if she was planning on getting started!! :) Her surgeon told her, "We're done!" Mom doesn't take drugs and if anything gets in her system she gets kinda loopy ... okay, not kinda loopy, VERY loopy!!!

We'll hopefully get the results of the pathology report tomorrow afternoon or Thursday at the latest. With all of mom's health stuff and her having to travel for work I haven't had a chance to do much work ... I keep telling her I'm ready to get back to work, so hopefully soon.

For today though, she's taking the day off to rest and hang out with us ... and it's a beautiful spring-like day here in St. Paul so we're going to do a lot of lounging around in the back yard!! A tough day for all of us.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers for mom.

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