Monday, August 15, 2011

In cahoots today ... and scored a cool new collar!

My new peace/love/rescue
collar that mom bought me today!
Mom's been gone so much this past week. She was in Indiana for a few days last week then turned around came home for one day, then left again for Atlanta for the weekend ... now don't get me wrong ... we love auntie Jenny (who stayed with us when mom was in Indiana) then auntie Paula who came and stayed with us this past weekend, but enough is enough ... she was supposed to go to St. Cloud today for some meeting and was going to be gone ALL day again! Well ... Missy, Mister and I decided she needed to stay home!! So guess what ... we wished and we wished and we wished ... and our wish came true. She got in her car this morning to leave and guess what .. she couldn't!!! :) She had a FLAT tire! Hmmm ... she thinks she ran over a nail .... we'll let her think whatever she wants but all I have to say is that Missy and Mister were up to no good this weekend and kept trying to get in the garage when auntie Paula wasn't looking!! :)

So mom cancelled her plans for today and instead is working from home. She got her tires fixed then went to my favorite store Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet and bought me a new Peace/Love/Rescue collar!!! :) Guess mom is stuck with us today .... here's what we're going to be doing all day while she's busy working from home ....




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