Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebration of Life Party!

Getting prepped for
Last July I got diagnosed with breast cancer ... mom was quick to find the lump and within a couple days was in surgery to remove that nasty tumor!!! Mom and I went to see an oncologist after my lumpectomy and they said I didn't need any more treatment because it looked like all the cancer was taken out!! Nung-nung was very happy to not have to go through any treatments!!

Well, last Tuesday, mom found out I have cancer again. I had surgery last Friday to remove the lump and lots of nung-nung body parts around the tumor (mom mumbled something to me about 'deep margins') ... so I have a BIG owie. The pathology report comes back on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, but meanwhile I told mom we need to have a big party ... Yes, a Celebration of Life Party for nung-nung!!! I beat this Cancer thing once and I plan to beat it a second time!!

My big party is going to be on Sunday, April 22 and will be held at the Animal Humane Society (Golden Valley, MN) site .. in their multi-purpose room (park in the back of AHS and enter through their Boarding .. my party will be on the second floor) .... party starts at 2:30 PM.

I hope you can join me for my party! Instead of presents, I'm asking that you give a donation (any amount will help) to help fund a spay/neuter clinic up at Leech Lake Reservation ... being a rez dog I really want to help my friends, PLUS my brother Legacy came from Leech Lake Reservation. My friends at Kindest Cut are also organizing a garage sale to raise money for a spay/neuter clinic up at Leech Lake Reservation so you can also bring your donated items to my big bash on 4/22!

If you would like give nung-nung a birthday/celebration of Life present, click here ;-)

Here I am with my surgeon before
he went crazy cutting out my big tumor!
My big owie!
I've had to get my stitches replaced TWICE already ...
they say I have so much and ripples around my neck
that the stitches won't stay ... hmmm,
I think they are getting carried away here!! :)


  1. We were at a meeting waiting for Marilou. She called and said she was a little late because she had to bring a nun! A nun ! What for? This was a planning meeting. Then I learned it was Ahnung, the Star of the North. Indeed she came along and disrupted the meeting - with her charm and grace. All future meetings will have nice dogs like her around. Much more fun.
    See you all Sunday. I'm bringing a small roast duckling for the nun...I mean Ahnung!
    John Bradford

  2. Hope you are feeling better!