Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celebrating with my friends!

I don't know if i've shared with you that I get to hang out with some really cool kids at a program called The Lab (editor's note: it's a creative, youth-based program of the St. Paul Public Schools). I've been going there just about every week now for a couple months. Sometimes my Human comes with me and we give presentations to a class and she tells my story while I get lots of loving and petting. [You can read about a fun art project a group of kids got to work on to send a thank you note to my rescuer Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's. The story is on the Pet Haven dog blog]. Other times, I get to hang out with his one really cool kid and my Human plays scrabble while I nap and get hugs ... some times "R" gives me these delicious cookies but I have to do some tricks to get them. I've figured him out though ... as soon as I smell those cookies I sit, laydown and rollover! Yes, I'm a pretty smart dude! I remember the first time I met "R" ... I think we made each other nervous because he kept trying to get me to do things and I was being my usual stubborn self. Well, we worked through all that and I consider "R" one of my best friends now. I wish I could share this one really cool photo I have with him, but my Human tells me I can't post it on my blog ... something crazy thing about privacy ... crazy Humans is what I say!!

Anyway, yesterday was a party to celebrate something! I was just told to come. I don't ask questions. My Human tells me it's to celebrate what has happened over the past 2 months. She tells me these kids have been misunderstood and my hanging out with them has really helped them. I don't get it ... it's no biggy to me. I think they're cool and I love them. I always gets lots of cookies, hugs and kisses. They think i'm a "cool dog!" And you know what ... I think they're "cool kids"!


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