Sunday, March 22, 2009

The fine art of resting

I know it's hard for many of you to do this, but I have got the fine art of resting and napping down. I'm not sure why my Human and her friends have such a hard time grasping the concept of sleep, napping, snoring, and simply taking it easy. I hope you all got to the enjoy the beautiful springlike weather we had here in Minnesota this weekend. I have to tell you you though... i'm dreading summer. I like the cold much better. This hot weather .... man, it's not for me. I hear my Human talk about her home town... some place pretty far away ... I think it's Thailand (I had to look at a map to figure out where it is .... I thought my home town of Red Lake reservation was pretty far but it's nothing compared to Thailand!). I hear her talk about how it takes almost a day on an airplane just to get there. Well... i don't get these things that can fly in the air anyway --- i just walk (okay, I saunter) to wherever I need to go and if I'm lucky my Human gives me a ride in her car. Airplanes ... heck No! You won't catch me in one of those unless they let me fly first class!

So anyway ... you would think my Human would like hot weather coming from a place where the only temperature they have is hot, hotter and hottest! She's like me ... she hates the hot weather. We both get very lazy in the heat and all we want to do is sleep. We're going to make a great pair this summer.

This weekend I got lots of nice, long naps in. We spent a lot of time out in the backyard. My sister Missy doesn't know how to relax either. You can see from the photo how she's standing guard while i'm busy napping in the background. I'm tired of telling my family to nap. One of these days they'll understand how sleep is a really good thing.

I see so many people running around like crazy people. My motto: SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEP!

A nap a day keeps the doctor away!!

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