Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Day you Came and Stayed

My mom wrote this shortly after she adopted my sister Missy in September, 2006 (yes, gorgeous Missy with those beautiful eyes .... Missy was 2 years old when she ended up in mom's home .. she hit the jackpot, just like me :) Mom lost Shadow (who's mentioned in the poem below on July 2, 2007 to intestinal cancer ... but then Mister was adopted shortly after that, then of course, I came along a couple years later!! :)

I can relate to how Missy needed a little time to trust again ... ahhh, life is good.

From the voice of Missy:

The Day you Came and Stayed
- by Marilou Chanrasmi

September 23, 2006 –
You picked me up.
Some kind stranger, I thought.
Until today, I had spent six months behind bars,
as kind souls worked tirelessly to save me:
Changing faces, changing places,
Locked behind bars.
I’ve been moved around like cargo.
If I’m lucky, there’s a “handle with care” stamp.
But I’m just one of thousands, and I’m big and black, and part pit –
Nobody wants me.

Who are you?
Are you just another passing face? A shooting star giving light and hope,
only to fizzle out?

Is today different?
Am I just hopeful?
Do I dare hope, again?
Only to come crashing down, again.

I am cautious.
I am skeptical.

It’s November now. 
I’m still here.
You’re still here.
I’m still counting – as days turn into night.
Each night you whisper gently
“I’m here to stay.”
Each night I learn to trust, just a little bit more.

I’m still counting,
but the beat of the drum is fading into the distance
as my days and heart fill
with walks, carrot treats, snuggle time, play time with Shadow, and car rides.

September 23, 2006 -
a day I’ll always remember.
Because it’s the day you came, and stayed.

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  1. Pretty poem. She reminds me much of my big black Missy. :)