Sunday, July 11, 2010

Street Survivor to Couch Hogger

Here's a common story for those of us who are taken into animal rescues ...  sometimes Humans call us 'Rescued Dogs' (but I do beg to differ on if it's really just us being rescued ...) --- many of us have been roaming the streets, scrounging around or hunting for our food, dodging bullets (I got shot and so did my "son" Julius, who is now Jackson) -- except, we didn't succeed in dodging all the bullets. I still have a pellet in one of my nipples and Jackson has a pellet on one of hie ears. We would sleep any place we could, and in the winters any warm place we could find. My brother Mister was found as puppy in a ditch in rural Iowa along with two of his siblings.

We're survivors. And we are grateful that an animal rescue took us in and helped us find a place we could call home. We're grateful that we don't have to hunt for our food anymore ... although, I do have to say that the hunting for food was kind fun. So a word of caution to the bunnies, bird and squirrels of the city .... our backyard is the bunny beware zone ... Enter at your Own Risk!

We're street survivors and we learn pretty quickly how comfortable human couches are!! Here's my brother on the couch .....

and here's Jackson (aka 'son of Ahnung') who only recently got adopted and his new mom sent my mom this picture ... looks like my boy learns really quickly! Good boy Jackson!!

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  1. Well don't you all look comfortable! I know that pose on the couch very well: it's my favorite way to rest!