Monday, February 8, 2010

The life of a therapy dog

The day before I "work" (note from editor: Ahnung volunteers as a therapy dog working with at-risk youth at The Lab, a program serving St. Paul Public schools) mom often takes me to Pampered Pooch Playground to see auntie Jenny for Spa Day ... ahhh, yes, a bath, massage, pedicure, blow dry and even some playtime with the other pooches. They love me so much at Pampered Pooch that I get to roam around and I even get to be a greeter at the front door as my puppy friends get dropped off for daycare. Auntie Jenny let mom come back so she could take some photos and a movie clip of me getting my bath :) I just LOVE getting a bath and auntie Jenny told mom that I am the best and the easiest dog to bathe and groom ... I can't understand why anyone wouldn't love it. Mom tells me it's important for me as a therapy dog to make sure that I am well groomed before I go to work volunteering with the kids. When I smell good and feel soft I get even more hugs.

Here I am after spa day giving my auntie Jenny a 'high five' to let her know I really appreciate her working on a Sunday so that I can be ready for work this morning. I got to hang out in the front and roam around the offices while waiting for auntie Laura who was coming so that I could try on my new therapy dog vest that she's making for me (thanks auntie Laura! you're the coolest!). I look so sharp in my bright orange vest and it's so comfy!! :) She's going to sew the letters onto my vest now and make a couple adjustments. When she's done I'll be able to go to work in style!!

This morning I get to go to The Lab and work with these awesome kids!! We're on week 4 of the "dog group". Our lesson plan for today is going to be "Go to your place" where mom and auntie Danielle will show the kids how Sharpie and I will go to our place (which is rug) and how they can teach that to us. It's important for these kids who can often get overwhelmed and not have a healthy outlet to know that there is a place they can go that will be a safe and happy place for them.

When I work I get these delicious treats. I've noticed that mom gives me a smaller portion for breakfast on days that I work because she knows i'm going to get lots of treats.

Anyway ... gotta run and get ready for work. It's snowing this morning so mom has to shovel before we leave. I told her I want a clear path for me to the car so I don't have to get all dirty!! :)

And if you want to watch a couple short movie clips of me at Spa Day check out the videos below. On the first one you'll see auntie Jenny showing off to mom that I'm so good about even getting my head wet.

Then on the second one i'm just soaking in the massage! Can't wait for when I get to go back again!

p.s. Oooops ... i wrote this blog post before mom got a call from school. Our session is being cancelled today because of the snow. Oh well, guess i'll just get to sleep all day. That's okay with me. Mom just better give me a snack since she fed me a light breakfast. We have another group tomorrow afternoon and another one on Wednesday, PLUS I have a big presentation Wednesday morning ... wow, I'm getting tired now thinking of all I have to do this week so I think i need to go take a nap now!

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  1. wow- it is a beautiful blog and so happy now that Ahnung not only has a great job, but gets great grooming and pampering!! Thank you Marilou and Jenny!!