Monday, February 15, 2010

My Delta Society therapy vest arrived!!!

I am so excited ... my new therapy dog vest arrived from Delta Society the other day. My mom took a bunch of pictures of me in my cool new vest. Tomorrow, when I go to work at The Lab I'm going to wear my new vest. And today, mom got more goodies in the mail. She ordered a bandana for me and a badge holder. Our Pet Partner badge/ID (which has a photo of me with mom) won't arrive for another week or so. I've had a few days to rest and do nothing so i'm all ready now to go back to work.

Are you (and your Human) interested in going through therapy dog class? If so, you can sign up for classes at The Canine Coach. They have 2 classes starting in March. One class as of right now has 2 spots open. The one starting on 3/15 that's being taught by auntie Danielle (my mom is assisting) only has one spot left. For more info visit The Canine Coach website and click on Group Classes, then Therapy Dog classes.

For my fellow fur friends .... working as a therapy dog and partnering with your Human is the best job one could have!! :)


  1. Good luck to you Ahnung!! You are going to be a shining star and a blessing in the lives of many people. God bless you and your human!