Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My work begins at home

sorry for the long silence and lack of blogging lately ... and no, I have not been snoozing and napping this whole time, although that does sound like a great idea now that I think about it!

I haven't had time to volunteer lately (at least outside of home) ... my mom's been having some significant health and emotional challenges thrown her way so my work as a therapy dog begins at home! I keep telling her it will be okay and that she can hold onto me as tightly as she needs to as I'm not leaving her side. I tell her what I have told the kids I visited at school ... that I can be their north star. Mom has these bad cells spreading in her body and about a week ago got some additional not so good news which means a bunch more tests and procedures (on top of all her existing ones!) to try to figure out what's going on.

Please keep mom in your prayers ... I tell her that love is the best medicine and that love can heal everything! It did for me!!

Love and big hugs to all of you!


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