Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

It's the last day of 2010 .... a lot has gone this year for my mom and my siblings. We're going through some major changes and transitions right now ... of course, I tell mom these changes are all good even though there are times when she can't see that ... but hey, that's why i'm here!!! I tell her to just hug me as tightly as she wants till she feels better :)

Mom and I are living with my auntie Laura right now (who is one cool cool person!!). On January 14th (that's only 2 weeks away!) we are closing on our new house and I am SO excited. We will finally get to be a family again and my siblings Missy and Mister will get to come live with us again. They're in the old house right now (but you know what ... they keep telling me when I visit that that they can't wait to come be with us again!!). Our new home is going to be much much bigger! The backyard is HUGE so my energetic brother Mister can run around like a crazy boy to get his energy out. And mom bought a brand new leather couch and recliner. Oh yeah, we'll still have the purple couch you see in the photo but now we will also have a new couch for us to lounge on. Of course, we'll be fighting for the recliner.

So here's to new beginnings and to 2011 which I know is going to be an exciting year! The best part of it all, is that I believe with all my doggie heart that mom's health issues are going to get better now that we are going to have our own place and she can focus on taking care of herself.

Happy New Year!!!



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