Sunday, January 2, 2011

Personalized mosaic dog (or kitty) leash hooks

Yes, I know the holidays are over and soon everyone is going back to work! For the record, my work never ends. I am always working hard!! :) Sometimes working for me means sleeping and snoring which is just as important!! :)

Well ... I've shared this once before but I have to share it again in case you are wondering what to give your special pooch or kitty for the New Year. Mom got us our own personalized mosaic dog leash hooks last year. We even got to pick our own colors! Of course, mine is orange ... my sister Missy is purple and crazy boy Mister is red!!! When we move to our new house in a couple of weeks I may need to convince mom to place another order for me ... hmmm, not sure what mine will say this time ... "Queenie" .... "nung-nung" ... "North Star" ... "Star of the night skies" ... oh, the possibilities are limitless!!! :)

On behalf of my furry friends, I'm sending out this information so you can place an order for them too!! :) You can reach my auntie Cindy of Velvet Bear Mosaics who makes this awesome mosaic leash holders at

and last night, mom bought me a Christmas fleece blanket and covered me up!!! She knows I need my beauty sleep so that I can keep doing my work as a therapy dog!!! :)

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