Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our big day has arrived!!!

Missy in auntie Carol's car!
Ready for her sleepover!
Yesterday was our big day!! Mom closed on our house. Mom's been literally living out of a gym bag for the past 2 months  ... and i've been tagging along with her giving her LOTS of love. We just love auntie Laura for letting us crash at her house with La Buddy!! These past few days when mom had to travel for work I stayed at my old house with my sister Missy, while Mister went to stay with auntie Laura at Rescue Buddy Boarding. He just loves it there!! anyway, mom came and picked us up at the old house early yesterday morning so we could go with her to the "final walkthrough" of our new home and to also meet our auntie Carol there ... you see that sweet photo of Missy on the left ... it's a big day for her too. She packed her bag so she could spend a couple nights with auntie Carol through this crazy moving and packing. That's Missy in auntie Carol's car ... apparently she's having such a good time auntie Carol says she may not want to come back!! ummm ... don't think that's happening!! :) Thanks auntie Carol for taking my sweet sister for a couple days and pampering her.

Then I went with mom and our friend/realtor Regina to the house closing. Mom had to sign a bunch of papers. I asked her if she needed my paw print on anything but she told me she had it covered :) Then it was back to the old house to load up some stuff then back to our new home ... I was so excited when mom showed me the house key for our new digs!!

The new furniture (leather couch and recliner and mom's new bedroom set) got delivered yesterday. Our new home is so much bigger than where we used to live that mom had a hard time finding me. She checked all the rooms upstairs then finally realized that my favorite place is the den area where the new furniture is! Oh and you should see the back yard!! It's HUGE!! Can't wait till Missy and Mister get to see it too!!

Well, i'm exhausted from yesterday so today mom said that I get to hang out and relax with auntie Laura and Mister and La Buddy while she meets with the movers at the old house early this morning. Oh ... and guess what today is ... it's a special day because it's Buddy's birthday! He's 6 years old today and after mom is done getting all of our stuff moved into our new house she's coming back to auntie Laura's and we are going to celebrate La Buddy's birthday!!
Buddy dreaming about his birthday present!

So yesterday was a big day for our family! We have a fresh start to the new year, and I think it's pretty cool that my mom bought us a house so we could all be together again!! I'm not sure if we'll all sleep at our new digs tonight but by tomorrow night we will all be together again!

Oh .. and mom found out from the previous owners that there's a lot of wildlife around her house ... a hawk visits, an owl, coyote (thank goodness we're not small dogs!), fox, raccoon, deer and of course squirrels, bunnies and chipmunks. She told them that I once ate a baby bunny live once ... well, if the bunny is silly enough to have their nest in MY backyard and mom isn't quick enough to catch me ... well, i'm a hunter and scavenger and a former rez dog so what are you gonna do??? :)

Okay ... time to go back to sleep. love you guys!!


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