Sunday, January 9, 2011

My new hobby .... ahh.... and getting into trouble!!

For the past 6 weeks mom and I have been living with auntie Laura and La Buddy ... and we've been so lucky because auntie Laura's mom has also been visiting from Nebraska and she is one cool person!! We also had my pal Tug (Mr. barky beagle with such a sweet personality) with us but yesterday he went off of his hopefully new forever home ... paws crossed for Tugster!

Mom tells people how "perfect" I am and how I don't get into trouble. Well, I thought it was high time for her to learn that it's good to get into trouble some times. I've also been trying to teach her that it's important to play and have fun ... you should've seen me tearing around with Tug and also playing tug with the boy ... he is one strong boy even though he's small!! On her last business trip I decided to steal the knitting yarn and take it to my bed ... No, I didn't chew it, I just snuggled with it. I also stole some chapstick AND in the picture above I decided that I was going to help auntie Janice with knitting doggie sweaters. Ummm.... she looks like a little surprised with "perfect" nung-nung trying to steal her yarn .. oh, and the other day, auntie Janice left her hot chocolate out and I got to stick my head in it and finish it up for her!!! :)

Tug with his blankie
Oh ... this is going to be a great year! Mom got some great news about her health and her pancreas and I'm going to teach mom (with the help of my siblings Mister and Missy) all about playing, having fun, speaking out for what you want, and even breaking the rules!!! We close on our new home this coming Friday and we'll get to be a family again and have a big back yard to play in.

Here's to what is going to be the best year ever!!!

And hugs and high fives to auntie Laura and auntie Janice and La Buddy for letting us hang out with them for so long ... and paws crossed again for my buddy Tug who if he does get adopted by this wonderful couple he won't be too far from our new home. Maybe we can get together for play dates?? :)

and to my four legged furry friends .... if your mom or dad ever need to go away for vacation (or whatever crazy reasons they come up with to leave us!) you should tell them to check out Rescue Buddy Boarding. .... this is where Mister stays when mom goes out of town for business because he gets barky and anxious when he's left (my mom calls is 'separation anxiety').  If you stay here I can guarantee you will have your own doggie bed, you will gets LOTS of love and attention and you can even sleep on the couch if you want ...  Nung-nung gives Rescue Buddy Boarding a 6 star rating!!!! :)

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