Monday, June 1, 2009

Give Back ... and receive so much more!

Last Thursday I was invited to attend a final celebration at The Lab of St. Paul Public Schools where i've been volunteering. Since it's a little too far of a walk for me I asked my Human if she could take me -- hitching a ride is more my style than walking. Besides, she also volunteered at The Lab and they did want her to come as well :) I was awarded a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for my 15 hours of volunteer service ... pretty cool, eh?? I'm trying to get my Human to frame my certificate. She mumbled something to me about getting a little pushy and that I already have a million photos around the house.

We've helped out in various ways at The Lab ... from one-on-one mentoring (that's what the Humans call it ... i call it "hanging out"). This semester I got to hang out with a really cool kid. I'm hoping we get to spend time again this fall. My Human and I also got to give a few presentations to classrooms. She talks and I get lots of belly rubs. Again, another very sweet deal!

You should really check out the program at The Lab. I grabbed this from their website:

"The Lab is an Arts & Wellness-based program serving at-risk youth grades 7-12 in St. Paul Public Schools. Through 1×1 mentorships, small groups and large group Enrichment experiences, youth are inspired, encouraged and empowered to discover, understand and share their voices and the truth of their lives. Through creative and experiential opportunities, youth practice social skills and find healthy ways to understand and express themselves."

My Human says this a lot with all of her volunteer work with Pet Haven and it really is true ... by giving back and giving to others (four-legged or two-legged) one learns that one receives so much more than one gives.

I challenge you .... commit to volunteering for a cause you believe in! It will change your life! And after volunteering you can do what I do (which is also what I do best!) ... take a NAP! :) My Human can't seem to understand why napping on rocks is therapeutic. I tell her it's like getting a massage!

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