Saturday, November 14, 2009

Volunteering at The Lab

This past Thursday I had a chance to "work" again .... this was week 3 of working with the same group of kids at The Lab (a program of St. Paul Public Schools). It's so amazing to see how far the kids have come in 3 weeks. I could tell they were excited to be there ... as soon as they arrived I got hugs and pats from my new friends. Yes, they are my new friends. I especially like this one kid, "R"..... towards the end of the class session we got to go for a walk and "R" wanted to walk me. We just walked in the corridors of the school. I kept looking at him and he kept looking at me. My Human was close behind me (I guess keeping close tabs on us! ;-) He looked at me with these really kind, gentle eyes and said "Ahnung ... you okay?" Awww.... that made me feel so good. He cares about me and he wants to make sure i'm okay. My Human tells me that that is HUGE for these kids.

"R" wanted me to shake but my Human had never taught me that .... well, this week, we worked on it and now I know how to "shake." I can't wait to go back so I can show "R" that I know how to shake. Well, my Human says it borders on slapping and not shaking ... well, we can't all be perfect, right??? My Human is going to the Philippines next week so we're going to miss the next session at The Lab. I'm going to miss working with the kids and especially "R" but I'll be there for the last session. I'm hoping we can have a group photo shot.

I just love volunteering at The Lab!

And one more thing ... did I tell you, that by next month i will be a registered Therapy Dog!! :)

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