Sunday, December 20, 2009

Help my friends this winter at Red Lake Rosie's

My auntie Laura has initiated a fundraiser to try to help my rescuer Karen up at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. On auntie Laura's last trip a puppy Clarence almost froze to death (he's the cute black puppy on the left). Read auntie Laura's blog for his story from her last trip up north. If it weren't for Karen, Clarence would be dead. If it weren't for Karen, I would also be dead. Like Clarence we would've frozen to death. I ask you to read stories from the Red Lake Rosie's blog .... Karen is truly the Mother Theresa of saints. She is tired and desperately needs our help. Auntie Laura has started the Clarence fund. I pulled this from her blog:

"The Clarence Fund will collect funds through the end of the year to pay for a worker to help Karen this winter.

The goal would be to have a helper for 5 hours a day 5 days a week at $10 an hour for three months. That is $1000 a month-$3000 total. That is just not that much money and it would mean the world to Karen. Rescue Buddy Boarding will start it off with $250 for the first week. Can anyone match this? Or $50 for one day? Even an hour's pay of $10 would be greatly appreciated!

Please make checks out to: Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Mark Clarence Fund in the memo.

Mail them to: Rescue Buddy Boarding
2211 Pierce St Ne
Mpls, MN 55418

Checks will be mailed all together to Karen in two weeks.

A year ago I was struggling to survive as well. Now I get to sleep on a couch or an LL Bean bed with my name on it ... or volunteer with at-risk youth as a therapy dog ... I get to hang out with my mom at events to represent Pet Haven and homeless dogs. My life is good now and I know I am one of the lucky ones. I know I am here today because of Karen Good up at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. I am here today because Pet Haven took me in.

Auntie Laura is kicking off the Clarence Fund with a $250 donation. Our goal is $3,000 before the end of the year.

As Auntie Laura says, any amount will help.

I will give $100 out of my doggie food allowance for the Clarence Fund. Please consider giving any amount ... make your check out to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and mail it to address above. It's your chance for your last year end tax-deductible donation ... and just know that with your donation you are helping save a puppy from freezing this winter.

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