Monday, December 14, 2009

My bumps are just harmless lumps...

Okay ... mom just talked to the vet who had the lab results. She said some fancy word "cytology" something :) Anyway, Dr. Jim told my mom that they didn't find anything live ... and said the word my mom wanted to hear - 'benign'!! :) They suspect some trauma as they didn't see any bacteria either. My mom says she noticed I had two little bumps last year when she brought me home and they looked like scar tissue from some injury. She said they were small. Their former dog Shadow also had scars like that and my mom later found out that he had been shot when lead showed up in an xray of his head when they were trying to figure out why he was having seizures. I know ... I know ... I should be able to tell you exactly what happened right? Since I have a pellet in one my nipples I guess it's also possible I was shot like Shadow ...

Anyway, Dr. Jim has told my mom to really study my ears. If I continue to grow lumps then they want to do a "culture". My mom also doesn't want to take any chances so she's taking me back to the vet tomorrow so they can draw some blood and do a complete blood profile and check my thyroid. I keep telling my mom "I'm fine.... stop worrying!!" To tell you the truth she should be more worried about herself. She has some GI xray scheduled for Wednesday (her doctors aren't happy with how she keeps losing weight!) then surgery (lumpectomy) scheduled for Monday. I'm more worried about her. It's pretty funny though ... I've stumped my doctors as to these bumps on my ear ... and my mom has stumped her doctors on her weight loss and digestive problems. I think we're not only the Pet Partner Therapy team ... we're the Stump the Doctor Team!! :)

So for now ... i'm telling my mom ... my bumps are just harmless lumps.

Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers ....


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