Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Your chance to make a kid happy!

I volunteer at The Lab in their animal assisted education programs working with special ed youth. Yes, it's the coolest program. I volunteer along with my pal Sharpie (he's a toy aussie). Sharpie's mom Danielle of the Canine Coach facilitates these groups and mom assists her. Last Thursday was our last group session (we had met for seven weeks). It was so cool to see how much these kids came out of their shells. This one kid "S" was even dancing with me one week as we were practicing "go to your place." I remember the first time i met "S" ... he wouldn't even talk or look at anyone with his head down all the time. You should've seen him last week ... I got a big hug from him and a high five! Okay, he wanted to do a high five (which is what Sharpie knows) but I only know how to shake ... so he settled for a "shake" :)

They wanted to have a souvenir of us but we couldn't give them anything. We took some photos and I would've loved to have given them a photo of us but The Lab doesn't have enough money to buy a photo printer. They're trying to raise enough money so that at the end of every group every kid can have their photo taken with me (and of course Sharpie!) and we can print it out right away and give it to them.

Do you have a few bucks to spare and would you consider donating to The Lab through Donors Choose so that The Lab can get a photo printer. Sharpie and I are signed up again to volunteer with a couple group of kids beginning in January. It would be soooo cool to have a photo printer.

Here's the link to where you can donate to The Lab so they can purchase a photo printer for their animal assisted education programs. Can you imagine the big smile on their faces when my mom gives them a photo taken with Sharpie and myself??? Of course, I will want a copy for my scrap book too! And so will Sharpie!

Ahnung & Sharpie

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  1. By the way -- We are SOOO Close on this fundraising effort for the printers. Only about $175 left to go and we'll have 3 printers + ink + photo paper!