Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brother?? I have a brother??

My mom has been having to travel a lot recently ... for work and just recently because her mom just came back to the U.S. from the Philippines and unfortunately ended up in the hospital for a few days. Mom hopped on a plane pretty quickly! I know I talked about my crazy brother Mister before ... yes, I love him a lot especially since he's taught me how to play. He's been gone so much lately though because every time mom has to go out of town he gets "shipped off" (and I mean that in the most endearing way) to auntie Laura at Rescue Buddy Boarding. When he goes there he gets to hang out with La Buddy, a springer spaniel. I think Mister thinks that La Buddy is his brother now. I hope he doesn't forget that he has two sisters (Missy and me!) and a feline brother (Henry!) in St. Paul ... it's quiet around here without him.

Now don't feel sorry for my brother. He loves going to Rescue Buddy Boarding and hanging out with auntie Laura and La Buddy. He gets to go to the dog park, sleep on comfy dog beds, ride around in a Honda minivan with auntie Laura when she has to run around doing errands .... and I even heard that he was pretty sneaky and did some countersurfing last week and got to auntie Laura's banana cake! Way to go bro'!! :) Next time you need to be a little quicker so that you don't just get a corner of the cake and you get the whole cake!! And next time, save me some too!!

You see that photo of him on the right ... that's Mister after his big exciting day at the dog park with Buddy!! If you want to read more about his adventures at the dog park check out the Rescue Buddy Boarding blog.

So Mister .... as much as you have fun hanging out with auntie Laura and Buddy, don't forget about me, okay?? I miss you when you're gone ... although it is kinda nice and quiet :) I hear you're going back there again next week for an overnight and a few days of daycare ... lucky boy!!

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  1. This made me laugh. The great thing about Mister is he is a go with the flow kind of dog. As long as he has people around he is totally happy. When he is here he has his own dog bed and his own dog dishes. The goal at Rescue Buddy Boarding is to be a dog's home away from home. Mister is always thrilled to see his other furry siblings when he comes home.