Saturday, April 3, 2010

Celebrating no bunny ears this year!

For many families they will be celebrating Easter this weekend. For me what I am going to be celebrating is that I do NOT have to put those crazy bunny ears on ... (and auntie Laura, the answer to your question is NO!! NO, you can't come over for a photo shoot with those bunny ears! It's La Buddy's turn to try those ears on this year!) Instead, what i'm going to be doing is lounging on the couch with Mister and Missy or basking in the sun under our tree in the backyard. Yes, that's what this girl is going to do this Easter!

I'm not really sure I get this Easter thing that humans celebrate. Lots of chocolate in the shape of bunnies and lots of painted easter eggs. Mom won't let me eat any chocolate and she also doesn't give me any eggs to munch on ... okay, gum on, since I have no front teeth. We do have these two big bunnies that are taunting Missy and Mister. They've been hanging out in the backyard of our neighbor's house. There used to only be one bunny. I think Bunny 1 must've broadcast to the bunny community that there are these crazy dogs on the other side of the white picket fence and how fun it is to watch them go bonkers. I just sit there quietly and watch them. They're kinda hypnotic if you know what I mean. My siblings, on the other hand, lose their mind --- bark, bark, bark!!! Run up and down the fence. Mister even paws at the fence .... when will they learn that it won't make a difference and the more they do that the more the bunny has fun? 

Well .... this girl needs to go eat breakfast now, then she needs to go back to sleep. Yes, my beauty sleep.

Whatever you celebrate, whatever your religion or faith is, whatever you believe in ..... I hope you have an Ahnung weekend ... in other words, hope you have the best weekend because my weekends are always the best!

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