Friday, April 30, 2010

Official Allina hospice volunteer!

Mom just completed 3 days of training through Allina  Home and Community Services. She said it was the best training and she learned so much!! Way to go mom for making it through the training ... and today, on the last day, I got to go with her because they needed to take my picture for my own badge. How cool is that?? :) And on top of it all I got lots and lots of  hugs from all the other volunteers and Allina staff.

Mom was really proud of me. She kept telling me how good I was ... not sure what the big deal is. Aren't I always good??? Anyway, I slept most of the time right by her side. Occasionally the other volunteers came by to say hi and gave me pats and hugs and I also got some belly rubs ... nice long belly rubs! I showed them that I know how to shake and "high five" ...

so mom graduated from the training today and we both got our badges!! We also got our first assignment and I'm really excited about it. Mom is going to call the family first thing next week and set up a time when we can start visiting ... i'm going to have a new friend now ... this is exciting!!

Here are some photos from today ... if you're a therapy dog or know someone who's a therapy dog i hope you'll also consider volunteering with hospice. Yes, you can email me at

and if you want to learn more about the hospice training from mom's perspective, she wrote about it on her blog

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  1. Okay, now Ahnung's ID badge is just too cute! How great that you are both official! Congratulations, and as always I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures!