Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrating Lacy's Life ...

There's this really special dog, Lacy ... a 9 year old rottie mix, that was in Pet Haven's foster program for a long time. She spent time in quite a few foster homes and even at a couple of our doggie daycare partners, Pampered Pooch and Downtown Dogs ... every place she went she won the hearts of her fosters. We couldn't quite understand why no one was adopting this sweet girl ...

She was in Pet Haven's foster program at the time that I went into Pet Haven's foster program. I got adopted on January 3, 2009 ... well Lacy told me that she was waiting around for her special family, Jackie and Jerry! Smart girl ... well, Lacy was adopted by Jackie and Jerry on March 29, 2009 and had the best 13 months with them.

She got sick in February .... and this past Friday her mom and dad were right by her side as she went on to doggie heaven ... okay, it's doggie and human heaven. Lacy was one cool dog and she touched the hearts of so many people, even my mom. So this morning my mom made a movie to celebrate sweet Lacy's life.

Click on the link below to watch her tribute to Lacy.

Celebrating Lacy's life

And auntie Jackie and uncle Jerry ... thank you for loving Lacy and giving her the best home!

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  1. Ahnung, Thank you for posting this about our sweet Lacy, we love and Miss her very much. We were so blessed for having in our lives for the last 13 months, She will be forever in our hearts..