Saturday, May 8, 2010

Invited to speak at a graduate level social work class!

Mom had to travel this past week for work ... she's always traveling (which i don't like!! ... but she says she has to work so she can feed me so who am i to argue ... i want my food.

Ahnung + Food = Happy Nung Nung!)

Okay, i digress ... so mom was invited to speak at a graduate level social work class at the University of St. Thomas this morning! They wanted both of us to come and talk about animal assisted education and the work we are doing volunteering at The Lab working with special ed kids ... mom had to talk about group dynamics, facilitating groups, blah, blah, blah, blah :) Don't get me wrong ... it's all good. But me?? I just go where i'm needed ... AND best of all, when I go to "work" and give these presentations or help mom facilitate groups, I get lots and lots of love.

The students this morning were so great! I told them I wanted to blog about it and post their photo up on my blog ... they were cool with it. Actually, i think they were more than cool with it ... they're smiling in the photo right??? And before I left I got lots of love from them. They gave me compliments and said I was pretty.... awwww .... A couple of the students kept saying I had such great markings .... i think one of them even wanted to kidnap me!! Maybe mom can make some extra money by starting a business: Rent a Nung Nung!

Well ... i'm so glad I got to visit with them this morning. They will all make great social workers one day. And hopefully a few of them will consider animal assisted therapy/education in their work ... according to mom, the work we do is pretty magical. For me, it's magical because I get lots of yummy treats :)

Happy Saturday everyone! Nap time for me :)

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  1. Hey -- I like that idea -- rent a nung nung -- we could use the money for all the times we have to send Mister to doggy daycare!